The Favela Brass Project provides free brass, percussion and English lessons for children in a small favela in Rio de Janeiro.

Children in Rio's low-income neighbourhoods rarely have the opportunity to learn to play brass instruments, which is a huge shame considering that music plays such a central role in the cultural and social life of the city. The Favela Brass project, founded in 2014 by British trumpet player Tom Ashe, aims to change that situation for children in favela Pereirão.

Our 40 students, aged 5-15, have free lessons three times a week and borrow instruments from the project to practice on between lessons. The long-term aim is to create a tradition of brass and percussion playing in Pereirão, rooted in Rio's rich musical heritage, yet with an openness to influences from all around the world.

If you would like to donate to the Favela Brass project, either monthly or on a one-off basis, please use the following link:

Our Teachers (past and present):

Lucas Allen - USA
Tom Ashe (brass) - UK
Joe Epstein (trumpet) - USA
Zelie Denis (trumpet) - France
Brendan Doshi - USA
Paul-Edouard Gardelle (samba workshops) - France
David Hauss (keyboard skills/melodica) - USA
Leandro Joaquim (trumpet) - Brazil
Nayana King (English) - UK
Sigrún Kristbjörg (brass) - Iceland
Mangueirinha (percussion) - Brazil
Denize Rodrigues (saxophone) - Brazil
David Santino (samba workshops) - France
Marco Serragrande (trombone) - Brazil
Roman Sielert (percussion) - Germany
Rowena Smith (brass) - UK
Márcia Vaz (keyboard/singing skills) - Brazil