Saturday, 5 March 2016

Goodbye, Sigrún!

It has been a week of goodbyes. On Monday we said goodbye to UK trumpet player Chris Caulfield and yesterday we said goodbye to Icelandic trombonist and violinist Sigrún K. Jónstdóttir.

Sigrún is now a familiar face at the project, having already spent 3 months here in 2015. This time she was here for just over a month. On her last day of lessons she made food for the children and we had a little leaving party.

What's great is that the students that Sigrún inspired back in 2015 are pretty much all still at the project so they really appreciated it when she came back to the project this time.

Even while Sigrún wasn't in Brazil, she was still busy helping us by picking up important musical accessories, a set of melodicas and even a tablet computer for the project, as she toured the world with Icelandic pop band Of Monsters and Men.

I think it's fair to say that it was pretty tough for everyone saying goodbye yesterday. We will all miss you Sigrún and are extremely grateful for all of the help that you continue to give us!

Até a próxima!


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