Thursday, 26 November 2015

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra + Favela Brass

Here it is! The moment when the children of Favela Brass played together with the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra at ABCD restaurant in favela Pereirão!

The Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra are a world famous ska band from Japan, who are currently on tour in Brazil. They decided that during their trip to Rio de Janeiro they would visit the Favela Brass project, and not only do a workshop and concert with the children but also donate a trumpet, two melodicas and TSPO T-shirts. The concert and workshop happened in our local restaurant ABCD and was a huge success - as you can hear from the video above, the bands sounded great playing together!

Another great piece of news is that the TSPO will return to Rio for the Olympics next year and have asked us to play a show with them - our first confirmed show at the Olympics! So not only does Favela Brass link the Rio 2016 olympics with London 2012 - we now have a link with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics as well!

Thank you ever so much to the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra for such a special day at our project and for our new instruments and T-shirts. We look forward to seeing you next year at the Olympics!

Thank you also to restaurant ABCD for hosting the event and providing food and drinks for the children for free.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Visit from Annaelis De Jong and Codarts Students

Yesterday we received a visit from Annaelis De Jong, head of the Latin Music Department at Rotterdam Conservatory (Codarts) along with students Diogo Carvalho, Mose Franssen, Klara Gallardo, Fernando Camas and Pablo Rodriguez. As well as helping with the lessons, the group brought with them 6 melodicas and a set of drum sticks, bought with money donated by the teachers at Codarts. Both drum sticks and melodicas are essential items for our children to have at home to practice on, so this will mean even more music learning going on outside of lessons.

We are very grateful to Annaelis and all who gave the money to make this donation possible and really appreciate the group coming to get to know our project. Favela Brass already has a strong connection with Codarts because two of our volunteer teachers studied there - trombone player and violinist Sigrún K. Jónsdóttir gave lessons here for 3 months earlier in the year and percussionist Roman Sielert is giving lessons here at the moment. It was really great to deepen that connection with this visit.

Thanks guys!

Monday, 2 November 2015

New Olympic Promotional Video

Favela Brass has a new promotional video, all about our desire to play at the Rio Olympics in 2016:

The video was created by London-based Canadian documentary maker Alex Kryszkiewicz (Ostia! Media). Alex has been filming the project as part of his forthcoming documentary, titled "Discovering Ginga", and used his footage and interviews to create the video for us without charge.

To get our own promotional video done to such a high standard would otherwise have cost us an absolute arm and a leg, so for Alex to take the time to do this for free constitutes a massive donation to the project. Thank you ever so much Alex and best of luck with the documentary!