Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Lots of Students + Lots of Teachers = Lots of Learning!

In the 18 months that the project has been going there have been times when we've had lots of teachers and there have been times when we've had lots of students. Predictably, we always seemed to end up with the most teachers when we had the least students and vice versa!

That has now changed. Thanks to the help of everyone who has donated so generously to the project we can now afford to hire more teachers to maintain our standard of tuition as our numbers steadily rise. Hence even with 29 children arriving for lessons yesterday, our team of 4 teachers was still able to cater to the educational needs of each of them - not one child was left behind and not one was left twiddling their thumbs!

It was a great days' teaching. Thank you ever so much to teachers Yann Vatheley (African drumming), Marco Serragrande (trombone) and Manguerinha (percussion) and to all of our donors for providing us with the resources to keep all of our kids learning at full tilt!


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