Sunday, 25 May 2014

We've just sold our 100th Favela Brass sticker! Please buy your Favela Brass sticker on Ebay today and help us to reach our target of selling all 500 before the end of the World Cup.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Favela Brass Sticker Fund is Live!

We’ve benefitted from some extremely generous donations of brass instruments. However, at the moment we only have a very limited selection of smaller percussion instruments, and the children have now developed to point where we need a proper set of full-sized percussion instruments.

In order to raise the money that we need for the instruments, we've had 500 beautiful Favela Brass stickers printed and are now selling them for the princely sum of £3 each (or R$10 in Rio). The total price for all of the percussion instruments that we need is roughly £1,500 and we will buy instruments bit by bit as the cash comes in from sticker sales. In this way, once the stickers have all been sold, we will have the instruments that we need.

Our team will be selling stickers in person and at our events, and you can also buy them online via eBay. Stickers cost £3 plus 50p postage to the UK or £1 postage to any international address:

Anyone who buys a sticker will have their name included on our Favela Brass Sticker Fund wall of fame, and we'll post on the blog each time we manage to buy new instruments with the money raised from the stickers.

Thanks everyone!

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Thank you Keith Alderson

Many of the instruments that are donated to the project in the UK need repairing before they can be taken over to Brazil and used. We are very lucky to have this work done by Doncaster's instrument repair specalist Keith Alderson. Keith repairs the instruments quickly, cost-effectively and to the highest standard, allowing us to make use of instruments which many times under other circumstances wouldn't have been worth the repair bill.

Not only that, Keith also donates instruments to the project, and has sold many other instruments to us at well below their market value. In addition to the cornet that he donated at Christmas, Keith has just donated 2 tenor horns and 4 clarinets to the project:

Due to Keith's generosity, one of the main challenges of the project, that of getting a set of wind instruments together, has been made much easier. Thank you Keith Alderson!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Thank you to Richard McGown

We have just received the very generous and timely donation of an Olds Ambassador trumpet from Richard McGown, an American who has taken a keen interest in the project. The trumpet dates from the late 1950s/early 1960s and is a very well-made instrument that plays great after all these years. We've lent it to student Vinícius (12) so he can practice at home. Vinícius has been showing a lot of promise on the trumpet and coming along to all of the lessons, even when it rains (a minor miracle in Rio!) so we thought he deserved to use it.

Thanks ever so much Richard, from us and from Vinícius, for giving an enthusiastic young trumpet player the chance to learn to play on the kind of instrument that he would sadly never normally have access to. We'll be documenting Vinicius's progress on this blog.